Accumulated DPRK Counter-Narrative

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My Own Work

  1. Democracy: US vs DPRK – Towards the Annihilation of a Narrative
  2. Socialist Unity: Positive and Negative Development

Documentation on the DPRK
  1. Official English Translation of Constitution
  2. The DPRK’s Parliamentary System
  3. The Taean Work System
  4. The International Scientific Commission Report on Bacterial Warfare during the Korean War
  5. Official DPRK Books and Article PDFs hosted by the Korean Friendship Association USA

DPRK Media

  1. Korean Central News Agency
  2. Rodong Sinmun
  3. Voice of Korea
  4. YouTube Channels:
Recommended Books
  1. Korea: Division, Reunification, and U.S. Foreign Policy
  2. Pyongyang Lessons: North Korea From Inside the Classroom
  3. Socialist Korea: A Case Study in the Strategy of Economic Development
  4. This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since

  1. Western DPRK Propaganda: The Worst, Occasionally Hilarious, and Often Racist, Lies
  2. Towards a concrete analysis of the DPRK
  3. When the Piper Pays You: Following the Dangerous Tune of the South Korean Regime
  4. The People’s Bomb: On North Korean Nuclearization
  5. Prelude to War: Defend People’s Korea!

Roland Boer

  1. Religion in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?
  2. Brazen American Imperialist Aggressors: Seeing the World from the DPRK
  3. The origins of the DPRK: From Division to Reunification

Communist Party of Great Britain – Marxist-Leninist

  1. Videos on the DPRK – highlights:
  2., Search: ‘DPRK’ – highlights:
  3. From their Red Youth UK site: Anti-DPRK Propaganda War – a Cavalcade of Comedy

Global Research

  1. From The Asia Pacific Journal
  2. North Korea, “Genocide by Sanctions”: UN Double Standards Pertaining to Sanctions and their Devastating Social Impacts
  3. Rethinking the North Korean “Collapse Narrative”. The Most Demonized Country Worldwide (an interview with two professors from Tsinghua University)
  4. KNOW THE FACTS: North Korea lost close to 30% of its population as a result of US bombings in the 1950s

Stephen Gowans

  1. What’s Left , Search: ‘DPRK’ – highlights:
  2. Via Marxism-Leninism Today: Western Media Get North Korean Economy Wrong

Jeff Kaye

  1. Book Review: “This Must Be the Place: How the U.S. Waged Germ Warfare in the Korean War and Denied It Ever Since”
  2. A Lost Document From the Cold War: The International Scientific Commission Report on Bacterial Warfare during the Korean War
Korean Friendship Association USA
  1. News and updates on the DPRK
  2. Juche Classroom – highlights:

The Leftist Critic

  1. Elections in the “socialist motherland”: democracy in the DPRK
  2. “Something which most other developing countries would envy”: The DPRK’s healthcare system

Лоренцо (@lorenzoae) – sources on defectors wanting to return to the DPRK and opinions  on Kim Jong Un

  1. The true story of how North Koreans are abused by the South
  2. N. Korea’s Brainwashed Defectors Can’t Cope in the Outside World (ignore the hostile phrasing in the title and video)
  3. Defectors Think Most North Koreans Approve Of Kim Jong Un

New Eastern Outlook

  1. North Korea, The UN, And War Propaganda
  2. Reality and Hypocrisy: DPRK Nuclear Test Condemned By Nuclear Powers
  3. Let’s Talk About Korea: The Dangerous Tone of US Media

Kenneth Quillinan

  1. Video: My Experience at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology, North Korea

Party for Socialism and Liberation

  1. Video: An Inside Look at the DPRK
  2. Video: North Koreans Mourn Kim Jong-Il, U.S. Imperialism out of North Korea!
  3. Video (with the Real News): North Korea’s “Hate America Month”?
  4. Liberation Radio: North Korea: myths, facts and where relations are heading
  5. Liberation Radio: Eyewitness: North Korea
  6. Editorial: The U.S., not the DPRK, threatens peace

De Pyongyang a La Habana (Spanish)

  1. En Tierra Hostil: Corea del Norte. Jalís y la manipulación
  2. La “oscura” noche de Corea del Norte
  3. La democracia popular de Corea del Norte
  4. Sistiaga, la manipulación y Corea del Norte


  1. From /u/comintelligence
  2. /r/communism101, Frequently Asked Questions (scroll down to “On the DPRK”)
  3. /r/communism, The “Debunking Anti-Communism” Masterpost (scroll down to “Section 4: The DPRK”)

Return to the Source

  1. Korea Resilient! Socialism in Democratic Korea

Sputnik News – Loud and Clear (a podcast hosted by Brian Becker of the Party for Socialism and Liberation)

  1. North Korea and the US: War or Peace?
  2. North Korea Launches Satellite: Republicans Call For War on DPRK
  3. North Korea Tells the World: ‘We Have a Hydrogen Bomb Now, and It Works’

Tricontinental Anti-Imperialist Platform

  1. Video: #FergusonKorea – Thae Yong-ho (DPRK Embassy) compares life in London and Pyongyang
  2. Video: #FergusonKorea – Q&A with Thae Yong-ho from the DPRK Embassy in London

Andre Vltchek

  1. North Korea Celebrates 60th Anniversary of Victory
  2. North Korea Punished for Helping to Liberate Africa
  3. South Korea and the Art of Collaboration. Raw War Propaganda against the DPRK

Worker’s World Party

  1. Articles from 2007 to 2012 on Korea
  2. Search for “DPRK” on their current website
  3. Videos on the DPRK – highlights:

People in the DPRK Dancing

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